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"Marie Elizabeth Seager is an important discovery. I think she is a world-class artist and I have no doubt as to her success to come" 

Boriss Avramecs, Latvian Radio 3 Klassika on Harawi by Messiaen, at the Latvian National Library in November 2018

"The way Marie Elizabeth Seager works with her voice timbres, colors, the leaps of sixths in particular, but more importantly - with the overtones she achieves. Even sopranos may only dream of such overtones in the head register! The contrasts! It was absolute mastery."

 Lauma Mellena, Latvian Radio 3 "Klasika", Riga, 10.11.2018

"At first sight Marie Elizabeth Seager's fearsomely beautiful Mère Marie resembled an impassive Madonna hewn from rock - even her smile was calculated to strike terror into every heart - but as the opera progressed she thawed to reveal a severe maternal kindness towards Blanche as well as a frightening obsession with martyrdom which was as unstable as Blanche's own obsessions with fear. Her devastation on learning that she was excluded from the martyrdom which she had initiated was shattering. She has a gorgeous dramatic mezzo voice of which I want to hear more."

Katie Barnes, The Music Club of London - Dialogues des Carmélites,
St-John's Waterloo, London, 28th of November 2019

"La Française Marie Elizabeth Seager délivre une Kundry impressionnante d'autorité, au médium riche et large, à l'aigu percutant."

Thierry Guyenne, Opéra Magazine - Concert Wagner à la Schola Cantorum le 26 octobre 2017 

"Her performance of Wiegenlied [Richard Strauss] was a complete "show-stopper". She held everyone mesmerized by the beauty of her voice. She sang with such purity, conviction, intelligence and musicality - an altogether inspired performance. 

(...) the richness and depth of a truly wonderful voice. Marie Elizabeth Seager deserves very great success."


 Roger Chapple. St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London, 21.03.2014

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